Purpose: To actively explore new ways of resourcing congregations in their discipleship formation of children, youth, young adults, and adults.

Function: The Spiritual Formation Ministry Team will partner, co-sponsor, and work with congregations and related organizations of NCP to help promote, resource, and enhance the discipleship and spiritual growth of individuals and groups of all age levels in NCP.This will in part be achieved by providing scholarships and grants; and sponsoring workshops, retreats, and special events. Members of the team will demonstrate a passion for equipping all ages to grow in their faith and will include pastors, educators, and other members of NCP.

Team Members:
LaKesha Bradshaw Easter, TE
Jennifer James
Jan Moody, DCE
Dan Thomas, HR
LaJuan Quander, Staff

Grant Application - The Spiritual Formation Teams invites you to apply for a financial grant to help make your program ideas happen! The grant is open to all churches in National Capital Presbytery, with a grant up to $1,000 per church.

Scholarship Application - The Spiritual Formation Team is currently offering $200.00 scholarships to attend the events below:

  • Eastern Region of APCE - Spring Conference, with Tracy Radosevic, Biblical Storyteller, May 1-3, 2017, Rhodes Conference Center
  • NEXT CHURCH - 2017 National Gathering, March 13-15, 2017, Kansas City, Missouri