Budget and Finance


Make quarterly reports on financial condition of the Presbytery through the Administrative Division to the Council

Plan and conduct annual budget making processes

Keep the ministry units informed regarding financial standing

Allocate benevolence funds to the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic and the mission program of the General Assembly that are approved by the Presbytery

Allocate funds to pay the per capita assessment of the Synod and the General Assembly

Monitor the budget adopted by Presbytery and provide for an annual audit in consultation with the Administrative Division

Annually prepare and propose the Administrative Division budget

Record minutes of all meetings and maintain accurate record of the work of the Budget Committee, which shall be available in the Presbytery office.

Develop, promote and encourage a sense of unity and community within the National Capital Presbytery


Todd McCreight

Class of September 1, 2019

  • Susan Hotine (Little Falls)
  • Donald Humphries (Northminster)

Class of September 1, 2020

Class of September 1, 2021

  • Rev. Robert Bell (Honorable Retired)