Thursday Mail 2019

January 10 2019 Thursday Mail

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January 10 Thursday Mail - (all at once)

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January Birthday Greetings


Karen's Korner
Karen Chamis, Acting Head of Staff
Director, of Church Development & Mission

Clerks' Tip of the Month
Sara Coe , Stated Clerk

NCP Confronting Racism Task Force
Listening Project (Open Space)
January 22 - National Presbyterian Church

Re-Envision Your Ministry
2019 Bridges Evangelism Workshop
January 26 - Gaithersburg Presbyterian Church

RIMW 16th Annual Convocation
"Still People of the Book? - Protestant Identity in Our Time"
January 26 - National Presbyterian Church

Backs Against the Wall - The Howard Thurman Story
Sponsored by the McClendon Scholar Program
New York Avenue Presbyterian Church and Howard University
February 5 - New York Avenue Presbyterian Church

2019 APCE Annual Event
February 6-9, 2019 - Galveston, TX
(spiritual formation team of NCP IS offering scholarships)

The Enneagram - A Workshop for Clergy
February 28, 2019 - Saint Mark Presbyterian Church

2019 Next Church National Gathering
March 11-13 - Seattle, WA
(spiritual formation team of NCP IS offering scholarships)

The Sargent Gospel-Aires 38th Anniversary Concert
March 30 - Sargent Memorial Presbyterian Church

Presbyterian Youth Triennium 2019
July 16-20 - Purdue University


Engaging in a World of Difference - Study Trip to Turkey
June 11-20 (Registration is open until February 1, 2019)

APA 2019 National Conference
October 23-25, 2019 - Charlotte, NC

Elisabeth Von Trapp
2018-2019 Presbyterian Church Concert Tour

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