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September 13, 2018 Thursday Mail

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September 13 Thursday Mail- (all at once)

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September Birthday Greetings


Words from Wilson
G. Wilson Gunn, General Presbyter

Clerks' Tip of the Month
Sara Coe, Stated Clerk

You're Invited!
Retirement Reception for G. Wilson Gunn
hosted by the Personnel Committee of NCP
September 25 - National Presbyterian Church - Stone Hall

Ministry to College-aged Adults
Sponsored by College-Aged Ministry Team of MCC
September 15 – John Calvin Presbyterian Church
September 29 – Saint Mark Presbyterian Church

Church of the Redeemer is Celebrating their 60th Anniversary
Dinner and Entertainment featuring “BAK N DA Day”
September 21 – Church of the Redeemer
Worship on September 23, guest preacher Dr. Gay Byron

What Happened In St. Louis?
Presented by Mark Eakin, GA Overture Advocate
September 23 - Warner Memorial Presbyterian Church

University of Livingstonia in Malawi, Africa
Hosted by St. Matthew Presbyterian Church
September 23 - St. Matthew Presbyterian Church

The Color of Whiteness: Engaging White Privilege in Church and Society
led by the Rev. J. C. Austin
September 25 – National Presbyterian Church - Chapel

“Confronting Racism” – Open Space
Panel Discussion led by Andrea Brown
September 25 – National Presbyterian Church

Big GOD Big Question - Open Space
Confirmation for a growing faith
September 25 - National Presbyterian Church (Room 5)

Israel-Palestine Mission Network - Open Space
"Israel's New Nation-State law: What does it Mean for Faith-based Palestinian Rights Advocacy?
September 25 - National Presbyterian Church (Satellite Library)

What the Bible has to say about Immigration
sponsored by the RIMW
September 29 - Immanuel Presbyterian Church

Volunteer Construction Trip
Community Coalition for Haiti
September 30 - October 6

Drew Hart - teacher, author, activist
"Trouble I've Seen - workshop for church leaders and open lecture
October 4 - Saint Mark Presbyterian Church

Generations & Stewardship
Webinar led by Grace Duddy Pomroy
October 10 - On-Line

Introduction to Cultivated Ministry - with John Vest
sponsored by the Spiritual Formation Team of NCP
in partnership with NEXT CHURCH
October 17 - John Calvin Presbyterian Church

Moveable Feast – SAVE THE DATE
Regional Gathering for sharing ideas around Mission and Church Development
October 13 – Westminster Presbyterian Church, DC
November 3 – Oaklands Presbyterian Church
November 17 – Warner Memorial Presbyterian Church
December 1 – Virginia Regional - TBD

Transitional Ministry Education Offerings
October 8-12 - Princeton Theological Seminary
November 12-16 - Union Presbyterian Seminary

Service & Partnership in Puerto Rico!
sponsored by the NCP Disaster Relief Assistance Network
December 31 - January 9, 2019

Calm to the Waves Retreat - SAVE THE DATE
January 28-30, 2019 - Ocean City, MD


Cultural Performances – “Tage on Steel”
Renowned Street Drum Ensemble
September 16 – Adelphi Presbyterian Church

Racial Awareness and Mindfulness 2018
Keynote Author-Scholar, Dr. Ibram X. Kendi
October 20 – Westminster Presbyterian Church, DC

Officer Training – Save the Date
Sponsored by BPU (Black Presbyterians United)
November 10 – Sargent Memorial Presbyterian Church

Confirmation Retreat - SAVE THE DATE
March 1-3, 2019 - Claggett Center

Healthy Boundaries Training - 2019

Elisabeth Von Trapp
2018-2019 Presbyterian Church Concert Tour

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