Open Space Topics – January 22 2019

Any topic that serves the Presbytery’s purpose to “empower and challenge our congregations to be missional, pastoral, and prophetic” is fair game. Please refer to OPEN SPACE GUIDELINES PRIOR TO SUBMITTING A TOPIC.

Here’s how it works: Send your group topic and leadership to LaJuan Quander, . Please include leader’s email and phone number. The topics post here, so that others can see what group topics are being proposed. PLEASE REFER TO OPEN SPACE GUIDELINES.

REMINDER: Bring your own materials and equipment to open space. Presbytery nor National Church will supply laptops, screens, projectors, etc. To reserve space or if you have questions about space email Jan Moody.

Orientation to National Capital Presbytery and Its Meetings -

Are you new to presbytery meetings and not sure what to expect? Are you unclear exactly what the presbytery is, how it is organized, what it does, how to get involved? You will learn answers to these questions and more at the Orientation to National Capital Presbytery.

Karen Chamis
Open Space on PCUSA Constitutional Amendments -The 223rd General Assembly approved ten amendments to the PCUSA Book of Order. PCUSA polity requires that a majority of all presbyteries approve the amendments in order for them to be added to the Book of Order. NCP will vote on six of the amendments today and the rest at the March meeting. Come to hear about the proposed changes from the Bills & Overtures Committee and NCP’s Commissioners to the General Assembly. Here is a link to the proposed amendments HERE . Sara Coe and Quinn Fox

The NCP Confronting Racism Task Force is beginning phase II of its three-phase process, which ends with three or four strong recommendations to Leadership Council to address the Presbytery’s five-year Mission emphasis to “Bear public witness to the love, truth, and justice of God in Jesus Christ specifically in the areas of racism and reconciliation.” By listening first to each of our own congregations, and following, to listen as broadly as possible throughout the Presbytery at three Open Space opportunities in November, January, and March, then listening to our elders at retirement centers throughout National Capital Presbytery, we hope to get a sense of the racial climate in our Presbytery.

Please come prepared to answers these questions:
1)As a child, what have you heard adults around you say about people of other races?
2)What are your basic thoughts/beliefs about people who are a different race than you?
3)How does your faith impact how you understand race?
4)What has been your experience of race in the church?
More information here.

Confronting Racism Task Force
Free Money, How Can You Get It? (Really!) - The Board of Pensions is launching Healthy Pastors, Healthy Congregations across the country, following a successful 3-year pilot in North Carolina. This is an innovative financial education program combining minister and congregational leader education, with grants of up to $10,000 to qualifying ministers. More information here. Martha Reisner, Church Consultant, Board of Pensions, mid-Atlantic region
Cultivated Ministry: A 10,000 Foot View - Brief overview: In a time when traditional metrics seem out of touch with the realities of ministry in contemporary post-Christendom North America, Cultivated Ministry gives us a way to undertake ministry with a clear and purposeful understanding of how our activities contribute to God’s mission in the world. Cultivated Ministry is a culture and process of ministry that does not rest on traditional metrics nor does it abdicate accountability altogether. Becca Messman and Jen James
Telling Your Congregation’s Story- You are invited to participate in discussing the importance of telling your churches story and practical applications for the 21st century. LaKesha Bradshaw Easter
A Healing Service

“They will place their hands on sick people, and they will get well.” Mark 16:23

Rev. Jacob Rodawla
The Enneagram: Nine Personalities, Nine Points of View
The Enneagram is a personality typing system offering a way of looking at the automatic ways in which we look at life and react to the world around us. Join us to learn about the Nine Enneagram types and the impact these types have on our individual and communal lives. We are largely blind to our own automatic actions and reactions, and the Enneagram assists us in better understanding ourselves and others in our lives.
Barbara Jaquette, Certified Enneagram Teacher
Camp Hanover Traveling Day Camp - Finding alternative summer programming for your churches youth is a growing challenge. In today’s fast-paced world consumed by busy personal schedules finding quality volunteers is becoming harder and harder. Camp Hanover’s Traveling Day Camp program provides trained leaders skilled at working with youth, and a time-tested program that makes filling this gap in summer programs easy. Come and Join Kaylyn McGhee- Day Camp Director at Camp Hanover, Doug Walters- Executive Director at Camp Hanover, and Rev. Susan Graceson- Associate Pastor and Day Camp Coordinator for Immanuel Presbyterian Church’s. Rev. Susan Graceson will share her first hand experiences with the Traveling Day Camp Program and Q&A time will follow. Kaylyn McGhee, Doug Walters and Susan Graceson