This Old House – New Worshipping Communities

When Faith Chapel Presbyterian closed its doors in 2015, other doors were opened.A team of folks from the Presbytery and Riverside Church explored the wee kirk in Loudon County, as well as the Manse next door.The buildings are separated by a road, but linked by a common septic system and are surrounded by acres of vineyards, wineries and new homes.An exploration into the community exposed a lack of real community – there are few places for people to gather and to develop deep relationships.Although it may seem that the obvious answer is to fling wide the doors of the old church and dust off the pews (and eventually, that may happen), it makes more sense to open the doors of the Manse for informal gatherings, meetings and Bible study.Gary Mears serves as the Missionary Leader for this New Worshipping Community experiment and over the next few years will be engaging Lucketts through holy hospitality.Gary and his wife, Lisa, will begin to offer a gracious welcome to any and all that will come.Folks in the area know that when the porch light is on, they are welcome to drop by!The Manse (built in 1924) is in need of much work.This project is supported by funds from Unified Mission giving, but also covet the prayers of the Presbytery in this new venture.Your giving helps to make “This Old House” a place of hope and transformation.

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