Gentrification and Racism

Seminary Intern Addressing Gentrification and Race- The Capitol Hill neighborhood is a microcosm of many of the issues facing the Washington DC region. Once a very diverse neighborhood, both economically and racially, rising housing prices are bringing along with it aggressive gentrification and monumental changes to both the face and the make-up of the neighborhood. Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church has been witness to the changes and struggles that many lower income residents are facing. In an effort to talk about the changes, Capitol Hill applied for a Grant to bring in a Seminary Intern to not only help with more intentional and inclusive worship planning, but to lead a number of forums addressing the topics of race and gentrification. The church knows getting a conversation started is a great first step, and they are striving to live into that call.

For more information contact: Michael McNamara- Mmcnamara@thepresbytery.org.