Connecting our Congregations

Community Coalition for Haiti (CCH) was founded over 26 years ago, through a joint effort of Vienna Presbyterian Church and First Baptist Church of Vienna. Following a mission trip to Northern Haiti their Spirit-led efforts started small, first with a clinic in Pignon and later a school and orphanage.The work continued to grow as the small organization strove to walk with the Haitians they were serving. Over time CCH has embraced support model training in-country teachers, doctors, nurses and others. They felt their work has been so successful, that they handed over all the Pignon operations to local Haitians, and re-established themselves in Jacamel an area heavily affected by the earthquake of 2010. CCH has committed to connecting with more Congregations and now identifies 7 National Capital Presbytery churches as coalition partners: Vienna, Immanuel, First Presbyterian of Arlington, Old Presbyterian Meeting House, Westminster (Alexandria), Brambleton and Saint Andrew. CCH’s networking within the denomination and outside of it stands as a testament to what is possible when communities of faith unite in Mission and Ministry as the hands and feet of Christ in the world.

For more information contact: Michael McNamara- mmcnamara@thepresbytery.org