NCP Earth Care Network

Vision Statement

In recognition of the grace we have received from our savior Jesus Christ and of God’s gift of creation, our vision is that each congregation in the National Capital Presbytery will deepen its understanding of and take action for:

  • Our personal and corporate spiritual connection to and love for all of God’s creation,
  • Our responsibility as stewards to care lovingly and justly for all creation,
  • Our urgent need for sustainable living,

And further, that these understandings should be reflected not only in each congregation’s worship, mission and witness but also in the daily life of each individual.

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LIST OF NCP Earth Care Congregations with contact information!

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June Eakin (Warner Memorial) – Email

Rosie Perthel (Geneva) – Email


NCP Earth Care Congregations Network at Chevy Chase Presbyterian Church,1 Chevy Chase Cir, Washington, DC 20015, March 12, 2016 10:00 - noon. Everyone Welcome.

National Capital Presbytery Earth Care Network

Mission Statement

Our mission is to reach out to all congregations in the National Capital area to encourage and assist them in developing these understandings and actions to protect God’s creation. To do this we will provide leadership, resources and support to:

Change the lives of people and congregations,

Guide sustainable living,

Enable environmental stewardship, witness and outreach.


Increase commitment and participation in environmental stewardship

Goals and Objectives for 2015:

  • Increase awareness among NCP congregations about Earth care issues
  • Increase the number of Earth Care Congregations in the NCP by three
  • Each member of the NCP ECC will contact from one to three other NCP congregations until a response is achieved

Hold an Open Space workshop or table at each meeting of the NCP

Promote the adoption of “green meetings” best practices for NCP meetings

– Develop signage with positive messaging about green practices for use at meetings

Encourage the NCP to devote the worship portion of its March or May meeting to an Earth care theme and recognize the NCP ECC.

Learn from and dialogue with peoples in Christian and non-Christian traditions about Earth care issues

Encourage ECC and NCP members to attend Ecumenical Advocacy Day meeting in March 2015

Participate in IPL activities

RESOURCES & LINKS from PCUSA Environmental Ministries:

To become certified as a PC(USA) Earth Care Congregation, a church fills out the Earth Care Pledge and tracks its commitments to earth care in the areas of worship, education, facilities, and outreach. To download the form to become an Earth Care Congregation (which includes the Earth Care Pledge and the congregational self-audit), click here. Follow directions on

Want to learn more about the Earth Care Congregations program? Download a PowerPoint presentation to share with your congregation.

“Earth Care Congregations: A Guide to Greening Presbyterian Churches

See a list of churches that are certified as Earth Care Congregations

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Resource Contacts:

PCUSA Environmental Ministries
Rebecca Barnes:
Phone: (800) 728-7228, x5624
Send email:

Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light
Contact Joelle Novey:

Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake –

GRANT INFORMATION: Earth Care “Power to Change”

Purpose: The PCUSA calls congregations to care for God’s creation and to aspire to live carbon neutral lives. The grant provides matching funds up to $2,000 per congregation to reduce the carbon dioxide output of NCP churches. Funds may be used to acquire an “energy audit” of the church building including lighting, weatherization, heating and cooling systems. Other energy conservation measures may include improving. For Grant application click here.

HERE for a list of “Power to Change” funded grants.

MENTORING PROGRAM – Because some congregations may find the certification process somewhat daunting, the NCP Earth Care Network has established a mentoring program of people in our Presbytery whom you can consult to help you understand and apply the certification process in your church. Click HERE for more information.