Mission & Ministry

We are a relational network, celebrating the diversity among the citizens of the realm of God, in service to God’s mission, pursuing these emphases through 2017:

1. We will challenge, equip and support our congregations and their leaders in their discernment of God’s invitation to discipleship, as we:

  • Serve as a catalyst for mission by connecting congregations with common local, national and international mission interests.
  • Bear public witness, bringing a prophetic word to the powers and principalities of the world based upon the love, truth and justice of God in Jesus Christ.
  • Provide a forum for our leaders and congregation members to reflect theologically.
  • Connect ruling elders across congregations enriching their missional identity as apostles sent into the world in service to God’s mission.
  • Equip congregations in their discipleship formation of children, youth, young adults and adults

2. We will launch new communities in Christ in partnership with our congregations.

3. We will provide care, oversight and accountability for teaching elders and educators.