Bearing Public Witness

Chaplain for Day Laborers in Shirlington- Since 2009 a group of churches in Arlington, including Church of the Covenant, have cooperated in leading an outdoor worship in Spanish and a meal on the 3rd Sunday of every month in a park shelter next to the parking lot where day laborers gather to seek work.Over the years, the churches found that they were starting to build relationships with some of the regular attenders and realized a true faith community was forming.This year they took a bold step, and gathered together funds (with the help of a Presbytery Local Missions Grant) to hire Pastor William Velazquez as Chaplain to the Day Laborers.Pastor William is doing a great job of nurturing the spiritual health of day laborers, offering bible study and spiritual formation. In turn the Arlington churches collaborating on this project are given a glimpse of the Kingdom, and we as a Presbytery bear witness to the promise of the Gospel!

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