General Policies, Manuals and Applications

Administrative Commission on Congregational Property (ACCP) Guidelines, Procedures, and Manual of Operations (updated 10/21/2011) [Formerly known as Business Advisory Committee (BAC)]

Authorization to Celebrate Marriages in the DMV
(District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia)

Changes in Pastoral Roles within a Congregation - Discernment Questions (for changes in pastoral roles policy)

Criteria for Nominating General Assembly Commissioners (approved Sept. 2007)

Process for Use When a Church Wishes to Disaffiliate from the Presbyterian Church (USA)

Equalization Policy (5/2015)

Financial Policies (approved 6/11/2015)

Section 5 Temporarily Restricted Funds (of the Financial Policies)

Manual of Administrative Operations(5/2017)

NCP BY-LAWS (approved October 1998 – Revised November, 2011)

Personnel Policies Manual (amended 6/3/2015)

Policy on Right to Inspect Books and Records (Adopted by Council July 19, 2011)

Creation of Care Policy

Special Rules of Presbytery (adopted 5/20/2014)

Naming of Overture Advocates and Payment of Overture Advocates Expenses (approved 2/13/2016)