Mission Coordination

Responsibilities: (from the NCP vision statement)

We will challenge, equip and support congregations and their leaders in their discernment of God’s invitation to discipleship as we:

  • Serve as a catalyst for mission by connecting congregations with common local, national and international mission interests.
  • Bear public witness, bringing a prophetic word to the powers and principalities of the world based upon the love, truth and justice of God in Jesus Christ.

Staff Contact:
Karen Chamis, Director of Congregational Development and Mission

Members: Class of 2016

  • Barbara Allen (Calvary)
  • Mark Eakin (Warner Memorial)
  • Rev. Nancy Trumble (At Large)
  • Rev. Mark Gaskill (Good Samaritan)
  • Cynthia Ivory Gervais (Northeastern)

Class of 2017

  • Yenny Delgado (Bethesda)
  • Rev. Derek Longbrake (At Large)
  • Rachel Pacheco (Pilgrims)

Class of 2018

  • Marcia Farabee (John Calvin)
  • Rev. Brian Hamilton (Westminster DC)
  • Rev. Clark Lobenstine (HR)
  • Rev. David Milam (St. Andrew)
  • Betty Newton (Northwood)


College Ministries Team:
Marcia Farabee and Rachel Pacheco (Team Leaders)

Global Mission Network:
Mark Reimers (Clifton), Chair
Judith Dahmann (OPMH), Global Mission Advocate
Nancy Fox, Liaison to MCC

Israel Palestine Network:
Bill Plitt and Paul Verduin, Co-Chairs
Yenny Delgado, Liaison to MCC

Peace & Justice Advocacy Team:
Barbara Allen & Betty Newton (Team Leaders)

Presbyterians for Earth Care Network:
David Kepley, Chair
Mark Eakin, Liaison to MCC

Self Development of People Committee:
Gloria Pendleton, Chair (Northwood)
Barbara Allen, Liaison to MCC (Calvary)
Rev. Bob Bell (Fifteenth Street)
Ruth Noel (Takoma Park)
Rev. Phil Tom (Specialized)
Rev. Ed Harding (Prince George's Community)

Urban Ministry Network:
Black Presbyterians United, Chair Don Humphries
Rev. Brian Hamilton, Liaison to MCC

Click HERE to see a video about the Habitat for Humanity Build that NCP helped to fund.