Church Development

Functions: (Brochure)

Assess and recommend to the Division and then to the Presbytery matters related to a comprehensive Church Development strategy including proposed church mergers, church closures, the constitution and organization of new congregations and proposals to relocate a ministry to a new site or building.

Develop and execute New Church development strategy
Develop and execute Congregational Transformation strategy
Develop and execute Immigrant Church Development strategy
Develop and execute Equipping Congregations strategy
Develop, promote and encourage a sense of unity and community within the National Capital Presbytery

Staff Contact:

Karen Chamis, Director of Congregational Development and Mission

Members: Class of 2015

  • Rev. Diane Walton Hendricks (At Large), Chair
  • Rev. Bryan Mickle (First, Arlington)
  • Mary Ann Philipp (Lewinsville)
  • Bob Porter (First United, Dale City)
  • Margaret Yeboah (Calvary)

Class of 2016

  • Rev. Heather Bobbitt (Member at Large)
  • Rev. Peter Della Santina (Neelsville)
  • Rev. Jessica Doerrer Lowry (Pilgrims)
  • Rev. Robert Melone, Jr. (Mount Vernon)
  • Amey Upton (Westminster, Alexandria)

Class of 2017

  • Charles Ekoko (Hope)
  • Angus Maclnnes (Calvary)
  • Linda Rice-Johnson (Knox)
  • William Saint (Western)
  • Rev. Carrie Yearick (Rockville)

Transformation Team:

  • Bob Melone, Chair
  • Sara Park (Western)
  • Geoff McLean
  • Ed Harding
  • Linda Rice-Johnston (Knox)
  • Jessie Lowery
  • Equipping Grants Team:
  • Mary Ann Philipp, Chair (Lewinsville)
  • Lynn Jostes
  • Margaret Yeboah (Calvary)
  • Bernice Parker-Jones
  • Bill saint (Western)

New Worshipping Communities

  • Shannon Kiser, Chair
  • Bob Porter (Dale City)
  • Carrie Yearick
  • Norm Gordon
  • Brian Clark
  • Edwin Andrade

David Milan

Immigrant/International Ministry Team:

  • Margaret Yeboah (Calvary)
  • Charles Ekoko (Hope)
  • Chien-Di Hung (President Immigrant Ministry Network)
  • Philomena Ofori (Immigrant Ministry Network Secretary)
  • Next Blessings
  • Eyde Mabanglo (Chair)
  • Bryan Mickle (Liaison to CDC)
  • Wally Harmon
  • Bob Harris
  • Mary Pullen