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Note from RCT

Please know that the Presbytery’s Response Coordinating Team is available to advise you in any case involving a sexual misconduct allegation, not simply those involving pastors.

At the March 16, 2001 meeting, the RCT took action recommending that if any allegations come forward to elders or pastors in a congregation, that (1) a member of the church file disciplinary charges with the Session against such a person, be they volunteer or paid staff, and (2) that the Session then refer the case to the Presbytery for adjudication and submit to the process carefully constructed and executed by the RCT by which putative victims, alleged perpetrators, affected bystanders and the congregation itself can receive care, know the truth and restrain sin as appropriate. It is a rare Session that has the capacity to adjudicate such a case, both emotionally (as parties close to the situation) or legally (following the procedures in the Rules of Discipline), thus the RCT advises that ordinarily the Session refer the case to the Presbytery which has that capacity. Additionally, we remind you again to immediately call Child Protective Services in the event an incident involves a minor or mentally challenged person unable to give consent.

We hope that you never have need to call us in our capacity as the Sexual Misconduct Response Coordinating Team, however if you do, know we are here to work with you through whatever situation you may find yourselves.

Response Coordinating Team
National Capital Presbytery

Rev. Leslianne Braunstein, co-chair
Rev. Scott Winnette, co-chair
Elder Susan Wright
Rev. Stephany Crosby
Rev. Donna Weddle

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